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It is often very confusing trying to understand the eligibility criteria for benefits and the benefit system itself and you could be accused of fraudulent benefit claims if it is believed you deliberately claimed benefits when you weren’t entitled to do so. This may include food, medical or financial assistance. If you have been accused of benefit fraud, contact our team of specialist solicitors by completing the enquiry form or calling through to our office on 0333 009 5558.

When you are accused of fraudulently claiming benefits, you could be invited to attend an interview, but the specifics of what and why you are accused of fraud will probably not be stated. You could also be given a summons to attend court. The offence you are accused of could be anything from failure to report changes to your benefit entitlement status to failing report changes to your employment. Before you attend a court summons or interview, you should make it a priority to speak to a benefit fraud solicitor. Once we have established exactly what you are accused of, it could be that an interview is inappropriate and we can better advise you on the next steps you should take.

Successful prosecutions of benefit fraud can result in a number of different penalties including fines and custodial sentences.

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