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Dealing with individuals who receive more benefits than they are entitled to, benefit fraud is a rather complex and special part of the law. As we are living in austere times, the government scrutinises its expenses more thoroughly. As a result there are a greater number of allegations of benefit fraud than ever before. To be clear, benefit overpayment and benefit fraud are different, as in the UK benefit fraud is deliberately breaking the law and overpayments happen due to other reasons. Benefit fraud is considered a criminal offence in the UK and is different from benefit overpayment, that can occur due to other causes.

Examples of What Benefit Fraud is

The following are UK examples of benefit fraud:

Deliberately not informing the DWP or Department of work and Pensions about your correct financial situation when claiming benefit.

Deliberately not informing the DWP about your correct family circumstances. For example, if someone is living with someone and still claiming the benefits for a single parent.

Using false documents or a fake identity to claim for benefits

Deliberately not tell the DWP about changes to your circumstances that could affect your benefit entitlement. If required, our London-based criminal lawyers can give you more details regarding this matter.

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