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What happens if I am accused of benefit fraud?

You have had your benefits halted and are required to confirm some facts regarding your circumstances, don’t panic as it doesn’t necessarily mean you are under investigation or suspected of fraud.

Normally, it is just to ensure you are receiving the amount of money you are entitled to.

You may receive a letter asking you to attend a meeting or asking you questions. It is crucial that you answer the questions as honestly and accurately as possible. You will be asked to confirm details such as:

  • Who lives you with
  • If your working hours have changed
  • If your health as improved
  • Any other changes to your circumstances that affect the money you are entitled to

Gather any proof you can, such as bills that show your partner’s address as being different to your own or a doctor’s letter that confirms there have been no changes to your health.

What Happens In The Event I Am Convicted of Benefit Fraud?

If you have attempted to or have committed benefit fraud, one of the following things could happen to you:

You will be told to pack back any benefit overpayments

You could be told to pay a penalty, anything from £350 to £5,000 or could be taken to court

Your benefits may be halted or reduced

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